Friday, July 29, 2016

Democrats have always believed in family, faith, and country. Now everyone sees it.

For almost a century, Republicans have engaged in a sustained campaign of lies about the Democratic Party. The Democrats, claimed the GOP, hate the military. They’re hostile to religion. They support the dissolution of the family. They cravenly crave a weak nation without respect in the world and a nannying state at home that interferes in citizens’ lives daily.

Malarkey, as someone we love would say—all of it. But so long and so effectively have Republicans peddled this nonsense that the traditional media and many Americans grew to accept it. It became an ugly and painful burden for us: We knew it wasn’t true, but no matter our protestations, no one seemed to believe us.

Well, they believe us now. Donald Trump, in pursuing the nightmare vision that Hillary Clinton brilliantly excoriated as “Midnight in America,” has exposed the Republican Party as the true embodiment of the caricature conservatives drew of the Democrats. And that stark difference was showcased in extraordinary fashion throughout the two conventions that just concluded, particularly on the final night of the Democrats’ gathering.

Do you want to talk about family? It was the Democrats who featured incredible families like the Mothers of the Movement and the parents of slain police officers—families that, despite being riven by terrible violence, still believe in themselves, and in a better America to come. They did not curse their fortune, as they might well have. They stood up to try to improve the world for others so that they might not experience the same fate.

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