Friday, June 17, 2016

Donald Trump’s Response To The Orlando Shooting Was Downright Horrific

WASHINGTON — After the deadliest mass shooting in U.S. history, Donald Trump took his terrifying campaign to a new level this week.

In the wake of tragedies like the one that happened in Orlando, Florida, this past Sunday, Americans usually put politics aside and come together to show strength and unity. Trump did exactly the opposite this week, using the massacre as an opportunity to boast about his powers of foresight, blame President Barack Obama and demonize American Muslims. His actions offer a hint of how he might respond to a similar situation as president.

Amid reports that a gunman had killed 49 people at a gay nightclub early Sunday, Trump could only respond by bragging that he’d predicted such a thing would happen, and arguing that the attack justified his proposed ban on Muslims entering the U.S.

Trump followed the tweet with a speech on Monday in which he called for suspending immigrationfrom areas of the world where there is a proven history of terrorism against the United States, Europe or allies.” Trump also falsely claimed that Omar Mateen, the shooter in the Orlando attack, was born in Afghanistan. In fact, Mateen was born in New York, not far from Trump himself.

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