Friday, April 8, 2016

Ted Cruz: No apologies for being the Senate's biggest jerk

Remember back when Ted Cruz blew up the Senate, going to the floor to rant and rave about his leader, Mitch McConnell, being a liar? He told CNN's Dana Bash Thursday that he's not going to apologize for that, even if that's the one thing that would unite the Republicans behind him. Here's what he said when asked directly if he would apologize to his leader. (Video below the fold.)

Cruz: "You know what, Dana? This is why people are so frustrated with Washington. It's the inside battles back and forth. This isn't a game. This isn't about Washington power brokers. This isn't a smoke-filled room. If we want to turn the country around, let me tell you who should apologize. Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton should apologize to the American people."

Bash: "No apology to Mitch McConnell? Because it could help you."

Cruz: "My focus is not on Washington. That ain't going to happen. And if Washington lobbyists want the see that happen, they can hold their breath a long, long time. My focus is on the American people and uniting Republicans behind a shared values and a shared vision. Now I will tell you this. I am happy to praise Mitch McConnell and praise him effusively for his stand, along with Chuck Grassley saying we are not going to hold hearings on a replacement for Antonin Scalia. Mitch McConnell is doing the right thing. Chuck Grassley is doing the right thing. I'm proud to commend them. I've done so many times. They're saying Justice Scalia's nomination should be made by the next president."

Unpack that one. This isn't a game about Washington and business as usual and people are so frustrated with that, but good on McConnell and Grassley for creating a crisis on the Supreme Court. You can't make this shit up. 

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