Friday, March 4, 2016

Worst. Debate. Ever. And an embarrassment to the nation.

Some closing thoughts on the debate: It was a fiasco. And a car wreck, and a train wreck, and a dead bird on the Republican front porch and a few other things besides.

I don't expect that any of the candidates will see any movement based on this. Rubio's new more-aggressive debate persona is primarily based on juvenile retorts, which leaves him totally without gravitas and is frankly just embarrassing to watch. He doesn’t look “presidential”, he looks like a child playing politician in a school play. Ted Cruz continues to be Ted Cruz. Kasich is a nonentity. Donald Trump was a raving lunatic who said he wouldn't have any problems forcing our military to torture the families of terrorists, and was a blowhard, and an ass, and at one point all but openly declared himself to have a big penis.

And none of that will matter even a little bit, because the sort of people who support Trump will eat it up. Yes, he changed his positions. Yes, it was demonstrated fairly clearly that he doesn’t know or care what he’s talking about and lies about much of the rest. None of his supporters care about those things.

If there's any other news to be had tonight, it's the behavior of Fox News, which had pre-prepared a series of slides and clips bashing Donald Trump specifically. They had a slide about Trump University. They had clips of him contradicting himself. At one point they paused the debate to show a John Kasich ad attacking Trump, under the thin guise of asking Kasich his opinion on it.

In short, Fox News came prepared to butcher Donald Trump like a pig. It looks like it's going to be all-out war between Trump and Fox.

Oh, and the audience was vile. Hooting for Donald Trump's idea of torturing families? Ick, people. But it's the audience this non-debate reality show moment deserved.

All and all a terrible, humiliating night for Republicans, and for Fox News, and for everyone on that stage who's still capable of feeling any shame at all. But I'm sure Donald Trump is feeling pretty damn good about it.

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