Friday, March 25, 2016

But here's the problem—conservative groups are already sinking a boatload of cash into trying to retain the Senate in spite of the Trump deficit, reports Politico:

Outside Republican groups have jumped to an early lead in spending on Senate races in key swing states like New Hampshire and Ohio. If Republicans come to see Donald Trump as a lost cause in the general election, conservative cash could flood congressional races, which is seen as the GOP’s last line of defense against a Clinton White House and a liberal Supreme Court. Already, some anti-abortion groups are focused on defending the majority rather than supporting Trump.

And from the Washington Post:

The efforts are being driven by major players such as the Koch brothers’ political network, which has already begun laying groundwork in Colorado, Ohio and Pennsylvania, along with the Crossroads organizations and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce.

The behemoth Koch operation — which aims to spend almost $900 million before the November elections — is now considering abandoning Trump as a nominee and focusing its resources on behalf of GOP congressional candidates.

Let’s not miss the opportunity to take back the Senate. Please donate $3 today to help turn the Senate blue. The future of the Supreme Court depends on it.

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