Saturday, March 26, 2016


Ever since Anonymous issued a threat against Ted Cruz to reveal his extra-marital affairs, there has been nothing short of a growing sh*tstorm coming at him from all directions.

The latest scoop is huge. Not only have two new sources of information about the multiple affairs surfaced, but there is a darker story about a conspiracy to keep it hidden, which you will see below.

The first new detail is that a source within Breitbart reported they received a video from an operative allied with Marco Rubio, but who was not an “official” part of his now defunct campaign, that shows Cruz coming out of the Capitol Grille Restaurant and Hotel on Tuesdays and Thursdays with a woman who was not his wife.

But wait, there’s more. As if the video revelation was not enough, there are also more of Cruz’s alleged mistresses being identified.

Known so far:

Katrina Pierson: Trump campaign national spokeswoman

Amanda Carpenter: Conservative activist, CNN contributor and writer for Mark Levin

Sarah Isgur Flores: Former campaign manager for Carly Fiorina and well known Conservative political operative.

Another oddity – Ted Cruz’s Super-PAC “Keep The Promise” sent $500,000 dollars to Carly Fiorina’s Super-PAC “Carly For America”

fiorina 1

What would Cruz have sent Carly Fiorina 500k for, back when she was still as viable a candidate as Cruz himself was, and a threat to his campaign? That is VERY strange, to say the least.


This whole thing is NOT ACTUALLY A “NEW” STORY. This has been a known thing since approximately mid to late February. A Breitbart reporter obtained the information and the video at that time, but never released it because Breitbart management ordered it buried. Their excuse at the time was that it was “not in alignment with their political affiliations.” – Translation: We don’t want to smear Cruz QUITE yet because it will risk our press access with him on the off chance he wins the primary election. They clearly admitted having the full story and video at that time.

Breitbart is owned by a pro-Cruz Super-Pac funder named Robert Mercer who wanted the story buried. The editor of Breitbart, Ben Shapiro, is also being named as one of the people who blocked this story from being released. Shapiro is also the editor of The Daily Wire, which is owned by another pro-Cruz Super-PAC team, the Wilks brothers.

I don’t need to tell you how badly this looks for both Cruz and Breitbart. Breitbart tried to say there was no real proof of anything going on, and that’s why they chose not to run the story or use the tape. Now it’s revealed that Breitbart is a wholly owned propaganda arm of a Ted Cruz Super-PAC controller. There’s every reason to believe that the reason they didn’t want to run this story is because they actually knew that there was something to all this and they didn’t want to ruin their investment in buying the next Republican president.

Let’s think about it. Multiple women, all being identified with Cruz, some working for him in the past and some who worked at competing places into which Cruz Super-PACs funneled money for literally no good reason – where does the plausible deniability end? How many mistresses need to be associated with Cruz before the media starts believing that he was up to no good and/or that these women were taken advantage of?

Washington Times reporter Drew Johnson has also gone on record confirming 2 of the women in the list are accurate to his knowledge:

Anti-Trump political hatchet man Rick Wilson is even pressing them to release the tape, and he is not even against Ted Cruz.

For all his staunch denial and fake bluster trying to attack Trump recently, calling him a sniveling coward, it seems that Ted is – as they say in his home state of Texas – all hat and no cattle. He will be spending the rest of the primary season trying to explain away or deny this and it’s going to cost him – dearly. It should be an interesting couple of weeks coming up, to say the least.

Featured image via CNN screen capture

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