Monday, February 22, 2016

Trump rhetoric outrages Chuck Todd (no, not the racist, pro-torture, pro-war crimes rhetoric)

It’s happened. Donald Trump’s hateful rhetoric has crossed the line and NBC’s Meet The Press host Chuck Todd is on it! 

So, what was it that made crack journalist Chuck Todd finally recognize that Trump’s rhetoric is “outrageous and dangerous”? Was it his hate speech directed at women? At Mexicans? At a couple of billion Muslims? His advocating of torture and war crimes? Nope. Todd was responding to this:

Oh. The double bird. That’s outrageous. And dangerous. Now, what about Trump’s non-stop hate speech directed at women, ethnicities, or entire religions? Or Trump approvingly recounting a (false) story about a mass, summary execution of Muslims, complete with ammo “dipped in pig’s blood” because America needs to get “tough”? Well, when Trump appeared on Sunday’s Meet The Press, here’s what Todd had to say: He congratulated Trump on his win in the South Carolina primary, he asked if Trump was on his way to nailing down the nomination, he had Trump clarify comments he made about the health care mandate (mandate and people dying in the streets are both bad), Planned Parenthood (they do a lot of good work, but yes, he’d defund), the Iraq war (word salad), and had Trump confirm that he is “very pro-Israel.” And that was it. Oh, except to say:

Again, congratulations on your big win. Stay safe on the trail.

Because it’s outrageous out there. And dangerous.

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