Sunday, February 14, 2016

The Ignorance of Five Oswego County Legislators

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Five (5) of the Oswego County Legislators failed to file their Oath of Office cards timely with the Oswego County Clerk and it has been documented in the paper that these "Legislators received their Certificate of Election and Oath cards 45 days before they were due to be filed" from the Board of Elections. The Legislators were, and I use were, because they have resigned their seats for non-compliance ; Milford Potter, Margaret Kastler, Shawn Doyle, Robert Hayes Sr., and James Karasek, all whom have served more than one term. It seems strange that of the 25 Legislators who were elected, only 5 could not fulfill their statutory obligation to file their oaths at the proper time and proper place.
Phil Church seems to think this is a formality, and you would expect him to say that as he is appointed by these people. It is not a "formality", IT IS A LAW. Kevin Gardner, Chairman of the Oswego County Legislator had it right, there is no grey area!
It is obvious that Kastler, Potter, Doyle, Hayes (we will excuse Karasek, but is still responsible) are all fools, thinking that the Oath Cards have to be mailed to the Oswego County Board of Election, and had they read the letter from the Board of Elections, it states" AS A COUNTY OFFICIAL FILE YOUR OATH IN THE OFFICE OF THE COUNTY CLERK WITHIN 30 DAYS OF TAKING OFFICE". Is there something in this statement from the Board of Elections you did not understand? If you cannot read and comprehend this statement, how the hell can you read and comprehend a resolution?
The five of you need to place the blame squarely where it belongs, and it lies with you. You and nobody else are responsible for filing your oath which is a "solemn promise to the people to be served". Public Officers Law 30 is not a mere technical nuisance, it is the law and because of your ignorance, you have resigned from your seas.. Blame yourself, not The County Clerk, not the County Attorney, not the Board of Election, just you arrogance and ignorance. You do not deserve to be reappointed, and if you are I hope it is challenged. You have all also cost us the taxpayer additional money now that another election will have to be run, and it seems justified that any cost to the taxpayers should be charged directly to you five people.
If the other legislators, Republican and Democrat, would appoint people, other than these five to these seats that are responsible people, that can actually read, comprehend, and wish to serve the people, the County of Oswego would be better off.

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