Thursday, February 25, 2016

Russ Feingold's old Senate seat is ripe for the picking in SCOTUS fight

took Wisconsin Sen. Ron Johnson a few days to land on a position regarding whether or not to do his constitutional duty and consider President Obama's nominee to the Supreme Court, but he ended up in an entirely predictable place: In lockstep with Mitch McConnell, in obstruction.

Johnson—citing Obama's past nominees to the high court, Elena Kagan and Sonia Sotomayor—said there's no reason to believe he could consent to the next one.

"He's got a track record. We know the type of justice he would appoint. We wouldn't confirm that individual," Johnson said. "Not acting is also withholding our consent, and that's within our right."

That puts Johnson, already underwater with voters back home, deeply at odds with his constituents on the issue. The newly released PPP poll says that 62 percent of Wisconsin voters believe the vacancy should be filled this year, 76 percent "think the Senate should at least see who gets put forward before making a decision on whether they should be confirmed," and 53 percent "say they’re less likely to vote for Johnson because of his refusal to consider a nominee."

Put all that—and Johnson's mulish commitment to obstruction—on top of his sad 33 percent approval rating, and Democrats are one step closer to regaining the Senate majority. And doing so with notjust any Democrat, but with Russ Feingold.

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