Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Las Vegas Review-Journal Staff Balks At Limits On Covering New Owner

Las Vegas Review-Journal staffers expressed frustration Monday after New Media Investment Group, the company managing the newspaper, brought in a Rhode Island editor to help establish guidelines for how the paper covers itself, the latest twist in a nearly four-week drama inside Nevada's largest media outlet. 

Yet even as management tried taking more control of how the paper reports on its own transactions and new owner, billionaire casino magnate Sheldon Adelson, features editor Stephanie Grimes opted for the level of transparency that's come to be expected from the Review-Journal newsroom. She live-tweeted the staff meeting. 

Dave Butler, executive editor of the Providence Journal, a New Media paper, told staff that the paper needed to reach a point at which it didn't disclose Adelson's ownership in articles anymore because readers were already sufficiently aware of his involvement.

Adelson's interests are bound to come up in numerous Review-Journal stories given his major role in the gaming industry as chairman of Las Vegas Sands Corp., and his role in politics as one of the Republican party's biggest backers. Grimes tweeted that reporters responded with "concern that transparency means being clear about owner when owner may have vested interest in what we're covering."

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