Monday, January 11, 2016

Chris Christie lied about contributing to Planned Parenthood. We're just not sure when.

Is Chris Christie lying now, or was he lying in 1994? It’s got to be one or the other, because, asked by CBS Face the Nation host John Dickerson about Marco Rubio’s attacks on him as a past Planned Parenthood donor, the New Jersey governor said "Well I never donated to Planned Parenthood, so that's wrong." 


However, the governor's statement doesn't fit with what he had to say in 1994 while a candidate for county office.

"I support Planned Parenthood privately with my personal contribution and that should be the goal of any such agency, to find private donations," Christie was quoted saying in The Star-Ledger on Sept. 30, 1994. "It's also no secret that I am pro-choice. ... But you have to examine all the agencies needing county donations and prioritize them. I would consider all groups looking for funding, but there is a limit and we have to pick and choose."

His campaign followed up with another denial that Christie had ever befouled himself by supporting women’s health care.

Wouldn’t it be beautiful if Planned Parenthood could come up with a record of a Christie contribution? It’s equally likely, though, that Christie was lying in 1994 as he is now. But either way, we know he’s willing to lie to get where he wants to go. Not that it’s any surprise.

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