Friday, January 8, 2016

Charles Koch seriously butthurt by presidential race. 'You’d think we could have more influence.'

What does a conservative billionaire trying to buy himself a president have to do in this country to get the respect he (thinks) he deserves?

Charles Koch is "disappointed" with the line-up of Republican candidates in the 2016 cycle, and is surprised by the lack of influence he and his brother have wielded so far.

In an interview with the Financial Times, the billionaire businessman and philanthropist, said he’ll eventually support a candidate who he agrees with on some things with, but that it's hard to get excited. He said a list presented to all the candidates about the Kochs' political arm's priorities "doesn’t seem to faze them much. You'd think we could have more influence."

He went on that none of them seem to care about what he cares about, and "the things I’m passionate about and I think this country urgently needs aren't being addressed." Just ponder that thought for a little bit. Charles Koch. Bemoaning his lack of influence with Republicans.

That's what he gets for not bankrolling his loyal lackey Scott Walker's candidacy when he had the chance. This might be the single good thing Donald Trump is contributing to the primaries—making the Kochs irrelevant because he doesn't need their money. 

At least, irrelevant when it comes to the White House primary. Koch can take comfort in the fact that the rest of government is still up for sale to him and his billionaire buddies. There will be plenty of races upon which they can scatter the $900 million they plan on spending this cycle.

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