Friday, December 11, 2015

Skelos And Son Guilty On All Counts

Dean Skelos and his son Adam on Friday were found guilty on all eight counts each of corruption in a case stemming from the former majority leader of the state Senate Majority Leader arranging for a no-show job for his son. 

The conviction means Skelos is automatically removed from the state Senate. He resigned his leadership post in May after he was arrested along with his son on corruption charges. 

Skelos’s conviction is the second this month of a former state legislative leader for corruption. 

Last week, former Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver was ousted from office after he too was convicted on all counts of corruption. 

U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara, who prosecuted both cases, tweeted his reaction to the verdict:

“How many prosecutions will it take before Albany gives the people of New York the honest government they deserve?”

The conviction of Skelos and son led to good-government groups once again calling for ethics reforms in Albany. 

“Inaction speaks louder than words,” said NYPIRG in a statement. “Failure by Governor Cuomo to convene a special session on ethics and inaction by the legislature can only be understood as a defense of Albany’s status quo.”

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