Thursday, December 24, 2015

George Will: 'unpleasant,' 'disagreeable,' 'needy,' 'insecure' Trump will destroy the GOP

George Will, panicked conservative, on the person mesmerizing close to half of the GOP base:

If you look beyond Donald Trump’s comprehensive unpleasantness — is there a disagreeable human trait he does not have? — you might see this: He is a fundamentally sad figure. His compulsive boasting is evidence of insecurity. His unassuageable neediness suggests an aching hunger for others’ approval to ratify his self-admiration. His incessant announcements of his self-esteem indicate that he is not self-persuaded. Now, panting with a puppy’s insatiable eagerness to be petted, Trump has reveled in the approval of Vladimir Putin, murderer and war criminal.

Ooh, that was delicious! And when your party rallies around a psychotic maniac like Trump, what is the possible result? 

In 2016, a Trump nomination would not just mean another Democratic presidency. It would also mean the loss of what Taft and then Goldwater made possible — a conservative party as a constant presence in U.S. politics [...] 

One hundred and four years of history is in the balance. If Trump is the Republican nominee in 2016, there might not be a conservative party in 2020 either.

So a Democratic administration and the destruction of a conservative party? That’s called a win-win. 

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