Saturday, November 7, 2015

First of Barlow's Revenue Plans for Oswego City revealed. From Oswegolion

First of Barlow's Revenue Plans for Oswego City revealed
There was a meeting at Little Billy's house Thursday with Tom Kels, Jim Cloonan, Jim Bell, Little Billy, and a few others to discuss how to increase the revenue in the City of Oswego. Their plan which is to be implemented in the near future is to appoint Jim Cloonan as Oswego's DPW Commissioner. 
the plan:
· Reduce the DPW staff by 30%
· the roads will be in such bad shape that everybody will need a 4-wheel drive vehicle 
· the local car dealers will stock more 4-wheel drive's thereby selling more of these and increase sales tax
· more damage to the cars, so more sales tax to the car dealers for repairs
· 4-wheel drive vehicles are gas guzzlers, more sales tax because more gas will be sold
This is brilliant! New fresh ideas! This will lower all our taxes! Way to go Little Billy, and every body thought you would just be told what to do by the slumlords. Great plan, lets seem more of this progressive thinking.

I can hardly wait for the next plan to be released.

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