Sunday, October 25, 2015

Trey Gowdy caught using his own private email server

For months, republican Benghazi committee chairman Trey Gowdy has been playing up the fact that Hillary Clinton used her own private email server for conducting official government business. That’s set off a firestorm which has forced four separate government agencies to step in and defend her against a wide range of false accusations. Now it turns out Gowdy himself has been running his own congressional email through a private server of his own.

Although three Secretaries of State in a row from two different political parties each opted to have their own email server installed at the State Department in order to bypass the inept official server, republicans have attempted to single out Hillary Clinton for doing so. Trey Gowdy has used his position as head of the Benghazi committee to pore over thousands of her emails, public and private. Gowdy spent much of her testimony this week publicly misstating what was in some of those emails, forcing Clinton to correct him in front of the cameras. But not only has Clinton emerged from the now-debunked scandal unscathed, Gowdy’s own private email server has come into focus.

It turns out Trey Gowdy has been running his email address through a private email server, despite giving that address out as an official point of contact and almost certainly receiving official government correspondence through that address. Additionally his republican colleague Jason Chaffetz has been caught giving out a Gmail address for official correspondence, which is also run through a private email server. One wonders if we’ll see an eighteen month investigation into their email as well.

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