Friday, October 16, 2015

Elect Michael McAndrew Oswego County District Attorney

According to my opponent’s literature, he claims:
That he has increased Felony Convictions 44% by taking a tougher stance on violent felons and repeat offenders.
Fact check: Has allowed numerous potential repeat felons and those charged with violent felonies and/or sexual felonies to plead to misdemeanors to avoid state prison.  People v Miller, People v. Ellis, People v. Coe. People v. Burk, People v. Hendricks, People v. Arnold, People v. Paro, People v. Ritshel, People v. Hagen, People v. Rowe,  People v. Acker.  Details of these cases and others can be found in other posts.
In 2014, his entire office took only two cases to trial.  Both were sex crimes prosecuted by the same ADA.  All other felonies, prosecuted by my opponent and/or all his other ADA’s were resolved by plea that year.
That he has worked cooperatively with Courts to reduce delays and move cases more efficiently.
Fact check:  Moved cooperatively? Filed numerous ethical complaints against a County Court Judge because the Judge questioned my opponent’s decisions or actions.  Who paid for all the transcripts and my opponent’s time and effort in this endeavor?  The taxpayers of Oswego County and the voters who elected that judge with the largest margin of victory in a contested race in anyone’s memory.
Reduced delays?  Delays are so bad that the taxpayers have to pay other counties to house our inmates!  This situation rarely occurred prior to my opponent taking office.  Currently, anywhere from 15-25 inmates are housed outside the county.
Protected our most vulnerable victims by prioritizing prosecution of sexual offenses and crimes against children.  See “Mr. Oakes’s record on Sex Crimes.
Partnered with police to create a county-wide Drug Task Force.  
Fact check: The Drug Task Force was re-activated.  (It had previously existed.) The task force and other members of law enforcement are making the arrests.  But what happens  after the arrest?  Most defendants are given favorable plea deals and sentenced to probation or enter Drug Court. See Mr. Oakes’s Record on Drug Dealers and Meth Makers.
Protected taxpayers by partnering with DSS to increase welfare fraud proscecutions by 700%.
Fact check:  DSS was not referring welfare fraud case to the DA’s office due to personnel issues for YEARS!  Why didn’t my opponent inquire as to why?

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