Monday, October 12, 2015

Elect Michael McAndrew Oswego County District Attorney

Michael has never run for political office before.  He is running for Oswego County District Attorney because so many citizens are frustrated with the ever increasing crime in our county and the leniency given to the criminals that commit crimes.  He believes he can do better and needs your vote if you agree.
· Independence – Will serve only one boss, the People of Oswego County. Will prosecute ALL crimes committed in Oswego County, including those committed by County employees or anyone stealing from the taxpayers!
· Experience – Over 16 years experience as Court Attorney in Oswego County Court, serving the Honorable Walter Hafner, Jr. Well regarded in Oswego County as an expert on all aspects of criminal law in Oswego County.
· Respect – Will insure all prosecutors treat victims, police officers, and the esteemed members of our judiciary with respect and courtesy. Will NOT waste taxpayer money on politically motivated investigations or complaints.
· Diligence– Will insure that all prosecutors be prepared for court appearances, eliminate unnecessary delays, and will comply with all laws and ethical rules. Will strive to prosecute those who poison our community with methamphetamine or heroin or who sexually abuse children to the fullest extent of the law. Will move cases quicker through the system quicker to help relieve our over crowded correctional facility.
· Accountability – Will have the courage to stand behind every decision and explain them to the public, rather than attempt to blame others.
· Transparency- Will strive to implement a more open discovery process and will respond to the public promptly and, more importantly, clearly, on issues.

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