Thursday, June 4, 2015

Ron Paul Attacks Republican Candidates Who "Roll Over" For Fox News

Rand Paul on Fox News

Former congressman Ron Paul criticized Republicans who "roll over" for Fox News. His son, presidential contender Rand Paul, has been a near-constant fixture on the network this cycle. 

Ron Paul said he disagreed with Fox's control over the GOP debate process, Raw Story reported, and in particular the announcement that Fox will only invite ten Republican candidates to the debate based on who has the highest average polling numbers.

"I think there has to be a better way of choosing," Paul reportedly told Larry King. "I mean it's sort of like, why do the candidates roll over and abide by the rules of some commercial organization that has an agenda? And Fox certainly has a very powerful agenda." Paul also discussed his frustrations with the network during his own 2007 run for president, adding:

I know that even on their polling after the debates, I usually won all the polling, but they would say, well there's a mistake and they would ignore it, so I don't like the idea that somebody like Fox has sort of monopoly control of how a debate will be run.

According to a Media Matters study, from President Obama's second inauguration to April of this year, Sen. Rand Paul appeared on Fox News' evening and primetime programming and Fox News Sundaysignificantly more times than any other declared and likely Republican presidential candidate. In the month of May, Rand Paul made the most appearances across all programs on Fox News of the 16 declared and likely Republican presidential candidates. He was second in total airtime.  

Rand Paul's current standing in polls suggests he may make the cut to participate in the Republican debate on Fox in August.

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