Sunday, March 1, 2015

White House gloats over GOP's DHS flop A White House aide says they got "99 percent of what we wanted.”

West Wing that couldn’t be more cynical about House Republicans, Friday’s Department of Homeland Security funding failure was a new low even they didn’t expect.

They’re feeling pretty good about it.

White House aides say their hopes for working with Republicans on legislation during President Barack Obama’s last two years are now significantly diminished. They hold out some hope that they might still be able to reach deals on fast-track trade authority, maybe criminal justice reform, possibly some piece of tax reform… and that’s about it.

The key takeaway, they say: The argument that Obama could change the dysfunctional relationship with Congress by reaching out more to House Republicans appears to be dead. And even if Republicans eventually pass a funding bill clean of any restrictions on the president’s immigration executive actions or anything else, Obama comes out looking like the adult in Washington, and Republicans look like they are incapable of governing.

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