Sunday, February 22, 2015

DNC previews 2016 attack lines

On Bush: “For Jeb it has always been, and it always will be, about what is best for him and those at the top,” Wasserman Schultz said.

She added later: ”When his brother was president, Jeb backed his plan to privatize Social Security, and in recent years he cashed in on Wall Street as Americans were hit by the financial crisis. Let’s face it, Jeb Bush is the heir to George Bush’s economic record and Mitt Romney’s corporate record.”

On New Jersey Gov Chris Christie: “Here is some blunt straight talk that he won’t like. His administration has been modeled on his true leadership style: Dysfunctional, incompetent and tainted by investigations and scandals," she said. 

On Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal: “Bobby Jindal is another GOP governor who has consistently put rigid partisanship and personal ambition ahead of what’s good for his state. Under his watch, Louisiana is facing a massive budget shortfall that he refuses to do anything about. No wonder polls show he is one of the least popular governors in the country," she said. 

On Texas Gov. Rick Perry: “Rick Perry’s biggest liability isn’t his pathetic 2012 run or even the felony indictment hanging over his head, it is that in his 14 years as governor, two Texases emerged — One for the wealthy allies and special interests that he never fails to help out, and one for the working families and very poor who have to suffer the consequences of his policies," she said. 

On Cruz: “Ted Cruz has essentially been the de facto leader of the Republican Party for more than a year now. And look how that’s turned out. Cruz is the embodiment of what is wrong with the Republican Party:  Nothing but opposition and obstruction when it comes to helping middle class families," she said. 

On Rubio: “Marco Rubio has shown that he’s not a leader with fresh ideas. He’s a follower with a tired Republican playbook…going so far as to run away from him own immigration plan when the party put the slightest bit of pressure on him," she said. 

On Paul: “Who is this guy? Amidst the contradictory positions he takes to pander to whatever audience he is speaking to at the moment, his policies are way outside the mainstream…He is not a new type of Republican, it’s that every day he is something new," she said. 

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