Sunday, January 4, 2015

Republicans Legislators on the Finance and Personnel Committee vote to raise the mortgage tax

The Republicans on the Finance and Personnel Committee voted to raise the mortgage tax, despite the objection of local Realtor's who said people are being driven out of the county because of high taxes.

The big question is... why did Backus wait until AFTER the budget was passed to bring forth his need for this additional revenue?  Something's fishy. 

Also, at past committee meetings, whenever a legislator was going to be late, the chairman would hold the meeting, but when Minority Leader Mike Kunzwiler was less than two minutes late, not only did they not hold the meeting, they had passed the resolutions to raise the mortgage tax and the cell phone tax.

Who voted for these taxes? Remember these names and contact them:

Legislator Terry Wilbur, chairman of the committee (564-7805, cell: 591-4846

Legislator Shane Broadwell (343-2461, cell 529-0715 e-mail:

Legislator James Weatherup (668-3271 e-mail:

Legislator Bob Hayes 695-4912 (e-mail:

Legislator James Karasek  (593-7903 e-mail:

Legislator David Holst (964-2679 e-mail:

You might want to vote them out of office next year.

Oswego County doesn't have the business and industry to support all these tax increases. People can't afford them. Even if you aren't buying a house now, you may in the future. And who needs more taxes added to their cell phone bill?

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