Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Dem Donors Plot Campaign Battle Against $889 Million Koch Behemoth

WASHINGTON -- Reactions from Democrats to news that the billionaire Koch brothers are planning an $889 million blitz for the 2016 election has run the gamut from outright alarm to shoulder shrugs. 

Various top party officials interviewed by The Huffington Post said they expected outside groups and campaign committees to further elevate their attacks on the Kochs heading into the next election. Portraying the brothers as political villains was a prominent element of the 2014 game plan. And though that election ended horribly for the party, there is little sense that Democrats should back off now that Koch entities will play an even larger role in 2016. 

“We’re going all out with the research and the communications in the 2016 cycle,” David Brock, founder of American Bridge 21st Century and, told The Huffington Post.

But in donor circles, talk has centered not just on communications strategies but on checkbooks as well. Matching the nearly $1 billion in conservative money is going to prove monumentally challenging, if not impossible, officials concede. 

One top Democratic donor, speaking on condition of anonymity, marveled at how the millions he has given to the party now seem quaint. He then turned his attention to liberal billionaires who aren't yet engaged in electoral politics.

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