Monday, October 13, 2014

Picking a write-in candidate

 Many have wrote in to ask about a write-in candidate for the office of county Sheriff.

With the new ballots, writing in an alternate candidate's name is quite simple. There is a space under the line to write in a name- just make sure it's under the line for Sheriff.

We here at the Onion support Ellery Terpening because he wanted to run in the past, he's a Democrat, he's honest, he has a lot of good police experience, and he's honest.

If he wins and doesn't want to be the Sheriff, well... he doesn't have to accept the position.

But, for all of you looking to vote for someone other than Sheriff Reuel Todd, Ellery

Terpening is a good choice. We say, "He's not a bad guy."

You also have to be sure that when you write in his name, you do it correctly. He is Ellery
with two l's.

So, there you go.  There is an example from last year.

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