Saturday, March 29, 2014

County Budget

 For several years, the Democrat legislators have been saying that if County Administrator Phil Church continues to play the shell game with the budget, that the day will come when the other shoe drops. Well, it would seem the shoe is starting to fall. 

 Church, according to county sources, inflates the revenue side of the budget and deflates the expense side. This false budgeting keeps the tax rate down until legislators run out of other accounts to raid. This is one of the reasons we hear Mark See is leaving. Apparently, no one heeded his warning. Probably because most of the legislators are clueless when it comes to the budget.

 Yesterday, Sheriff Moe Todd had to request $500,000 for his jail overcrowding problem- the same problem that seems to crop up every year.  Church lowballed the expense side and only budgeted $100,000.  When the jail meets capacity, Todd has to transport and house inmates at other county facilities and it comes at a steep cost.

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