Friday, January 3, 2014

What on Earth is Going on with the Legislative Calendar?

Well, this much we do know…it’s not out yet.

Every year, usually in December, the Legislative Calendar is released for the upcoming session. This gives everyone who needs to…well, you know…plan, a chance to look over the session days and make necessary personal and work arrangements for the next six months. But the month of December has now come and gone and there is still no calendar from the Senate and the Assembly. Here is a sampling of some of the responses I got from the various legislative spokespeople when I asked about a possible delay:

“No delay,” “There are no issues,” “Sometimes the calendar will be issued earlier, sometimes later,” “Don’t know, but it’s not unusual,” “there is no delay,” and my personal favorite…the calendar will be released “in due course.”

Right, and I suppose these are not the droids I am looking for either. When asked for concrete examples of when the calendar has been this late or later, none were provided. In fairness, the holidays were a little weird this year, with New Year’s Day falling on a Wednesday. So, one could make the argument that this week is still sort of a holiday. Although Inauguration Day, and the various statements of support for the new NYC Mayor that were released by legislative leaders kind of poke a hole in that theory.

Some insiders have speculated that the Senate Coalition can’t seem to come to terms. Another pesky issue is the attempt by Democrats to move up the State Primary to June in order to align with the Federal Primary on June 24th. Republicans have voiced opposition to this, because June is often a very busy month in Albany, and legislators would likely have to be in district campaigning instead of up in Albany legislating. There was a proposal to wrap up legislative business by the end of May in order to afford lawmakers the opportunity to campaign in preparation for a June Primary, but Republicans would have to agree to the new date first. Could that be causing a delay? It’s possible. But for now…officially, at least…there is no delay. So stop asking. POST

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