Saturday, December 7, 2013

Gov. Cuomo Headed To Washington In Search Of Campaign Dollars

Gov. Cuomo’s support for public financing of election campaigns isn’t deterring him from raking in big bucks for his re-election effort.

Just days after his birthday fundraiser with singer Billy Joel , the governor will head to Washington D.C.  Monday for another big-money fundraiser, according to a story in the Buffalo News. The breakfast fundraiser will take place the G Street offices of The Podesta Group and is expected to include  some of the city’s most powerful insiders and lobbyists.

The fundraisers come after the release of the Moreland Commission’s preliminary report which blasted the state’s political fundraising system and called for public financing.

"It's amazing the Governor even found the time to review the Moreland Commission's report calling for campaign finance reform with his demanding fundraising schedule," quipped an Albany insider. "The Governor has had a pretty full week -- trash the Legislature on Tuesday, throw a big bucks birthday bash with the Piano Man and now he's jetting off to DC to raise money with lobbyists. He's setting quite an example."

Blair Horner of the New York Public Interest Research Group said Cuomo’s fundraising has become a “hallmark” of his re-election campaign.

“Gov. Cuomo is all about raising as money as possible to fill up his war chest to scare off potential challengers,” Horner said. “He is raising money hand over fist and he is getting a lot of his cash from those with business before the government.”

Horner, however, stopped short of criticizing the governor fundraising efforts.

“We have never asked reformers to unilaterally disarm,” Horner said. "The question we ask the governor is will he put his considerable muscle behind and effort to change the rules and we will know that soon enough."

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