Monday, October 7, 2013


The Senate GOP will have to fight for an empty seat on Long Island next fall as Sen. Lee Zeldin is expected to announce today he’ll challenge Democratic Rep. Tim Bishop.

The Cuomo administration is putting a hold on new state contracts involving the Metropolitan Council on Jewish Poverty, whose CEO, Willie Rapfogel, was recently fired and charged with stealing funds.

Fearing a clash with likely new NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio over his tax-the-rich plan to fund a universal pre-K program, Cuomo has directed his staff to explore “alternative options’’ to let the city raise the money without an income-tax hike.

A PPP poll paid for by suggests GOP Rep. Chris Gibson could be in trouble in 2014.
The poll showed the government shutdown is hurting Republicans in battleground districts.

House Speaker John Boehner said he sees no way out of the government shutdown unless President Barack Obama is willing to engage in negotiations with Republicans.

Mayor Bloomberg urged Congress to solve the shutdown crisis before it starts to really hurt victims of Hurricane Sandy, many of whom are reliant on federal aid to rebuild.

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