Sunday, August 18, 2013

Obama’s Trip To New York Detailed

More details of President Obama’s trip to upstate New York next week are being made available this morning.

A source tells Capital Tonight Obama will speak at the University at Buffalo on Thursday and then travel to Syracuse to speak at Henninger High School. Obama on Friday will hold a “town hall” style event at the University at Binghamton on Friday and speak at Lackawanna College.

Obama’s trip is expected to focus on the affordability of higher education.

Update: The White House is confirming the details of the Obama trip as well. According to an official there, Obama will be undertaking a bus tour of the region to promot his “better bargain for the middle class.

“At each stop, the President will discuss the importance of ensuring that every American has the opportunity to achieve a quality education by reducing cost and improving the value of higher education for middle-class students and their families,” the White House official said.

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