Sunday, May 26, 2013

Quo warrento proceeding requested to remove Beardsley as county treasurer

An appeal has been made to New York State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman requesting a quo warrento proceeding to remove Fred Beardsley from the position of county treasurer.

Beardsley was appointed to the position by the county legislature April 11.

For 90 minutes, legislators debated the appointment, questioning Beardsley’s qualifications and education.
Last week, as the legislature was in session, residents were outside protesting the appointment.

Democrats proposed allowing the county’s chief accountant, Mark See, carry out the duties of the treasurer until the end of the year.

See said he would only request an additional five hours of pay per week, saving the county approximately $70,000 in salary and benefits.

The Republicans, with the exception of legislators Shawn Doyle and Margaret Kastler, rejected the idea.
The quo warrento is requested based on the claim that County Clerk Michael Backus failed to file the appropriate notice of vacancy upon the Feb. 27 retirement of John Kruk.

State law mandates that “within ten days after any vacancy occurs as prescribed by section thirty of the public officers law, the county clerk shall give notice thereof to the governor when the power of appointment is vested in the governor and to the board of supervisors when the power of appointment is vested in said board.”

According to the complaint, filed by Legislator Dan Farfaglia, the governor’s office did not receive the notice of vacancy, nor was one filed with the legislature clerk. POST

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