Sunday, May 5, 2013

County sued over reapportionment plan

Oswego County is being sued by 11 plaintiffs in the matter of the reapportionment plan passed late last year.

The plaintiffs have asked the court to nullify the plan and allow an unbiased committee redraw the legislative district lines.

The Article 78 proceeding was filed with Oswego County Court early Tuesday afternoon and a subsequent press conference was held later that day at Fulton City Hall.

Oswego County Legislator Amy Tresidder speaks at a press conference held Tuesday at Fulton city hall. Tresidder and 10 others are suing the county over the recently passed new reapportionment plan that sharply divides some towns. Looking on is Legislator Dan Farfaglia.The plaintiffs include the five members of the Democrat caucus and residents Al Gerisch of West Monroe. June Rivers and Sam Weber of Mexico, Gay Williams of Minetto, Ronald Greenleaf of Hannibal and former county legislator Barbara Brown of Palermo.

The non-legislative plaintiffs are from varying political affiliations.

“A few hours ago, I and 10 other plaintiffs set into motion a process we hope will eventually lead the board to declare invalid the 25 districts that were passed by the county legislature back in December,” said Legislator Dan Farfaglia.

The plaintiffs allege that towns were “intentionally and illegally split.” POST

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