Sunday, April 7, 2013

Boosting Cuomo’s Agenda, State Dems Plan Issue Advocacy Campaign

The state Democratic Committee this afternoon announced a broad effort to push a variety of policy goals ranging from gun control, immigration reform and economic growth with a focus on both the state and federal level.

A television ad featuring gun control advocates Jim and Sarah Brady calling for new gun control legislation to pass in Washington is set to air first.

It was not made clear when the first ad will air or how much the party plans to lay out for the issue campaign.
That ad is sure to raise eyebrows, considering that the state party apparatus is essentially controlled by Gov. Andrew Cuomo, who has strictly focused on New York issues in order to downplay the notion he’s seeking the presidency in 2016.

Cuomo has counted the January gun control law among his major accomplishments since taking office.
The timing of the announcement was also somewhat unusual: Friday at 4:30 p.m.

The effort will be helmed by Peter Kauffman, the former communications director for ex-Gov. David Paterson and a former aide to Hillary Clinton.
“This is an important time with so many pressing issues facing our state and nation. Now is the time for the New York State Party to be rebuilt in the modern age of advocacy,” Capel said in a statement.
Aside from gun control, the campaign will also focus on job creation through “progressive approaches” along with education and immigration reform. Each issue will have its own subcommittee within the state Democratic Party.

The party says there will be a focus on social media along with the more traditional TV ad.

Cuomo has used the state party this year more than he has during his first two years in office with an extensive advertising campaign in order to highlight his 2013-14 state budget. The reliance on the state committee came after the Committee to Save New York, an independent entity that was aligned with the governor’s fiscal agenda, has not been reactivated this year to lobby the state. POST

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