Saturday, January 5, 2013

County’s reapportionment plan might be heading to court

A lawsuit is expected to be filed within the next few weeks over the county’s reapportionment plan, which was adopted by the legislature during a special meeting Dec. 28.

The approved reapportionment plan divides some towns into multiple legislative districts.

For several months, Legislator Dan Farfaglia, who represents a portion of Fulton and Granby, has questioned the legality of the new boundary lines.

He hired a redistricting expert to evaluate the maps and redraw the lines, claiming that the county’s plan did not conform with the law.

A Reapportionment Committee was formed to reestablish the boundary lines of the 25 legislative districts to conform with the 2010 census. Farfaglia has argued that the county map does not comply with the law.

Farfaglia attempted to have his plan introduced several months ago during a meeting of the committee. He failed to get a second to his motion.

Minority Leader Mike Kunzwiler was also critical of the majority for not listening to the opinion of the public. He noted that 99 percent of those speaking at a public hearing were opposed to the reapportionment plan.


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