Friday, December 14, 2012

Oswego County redistricting plan still in limbo

The Oswego County Legislature did not vote Thursday on a redistricting plan for the county’s legislative districts.

Legislature Chairman Fred Beardsley said the public hearing on the plan was conducted and about 12 spectators spoke. He said about half were for the plan and half against. Some also spoke about how the legislature should be smaller with fewer districts, he said.

Beardsley said the legislature will vote on the redistricting plan sometime close to Jan. 1.

The legislature’s redistricting committee last month approved a redistricting map and sent it along for approval by the full Legislature. But committee member Daniel Farfaglia, D-Fulton, complained saying the plan is illegal and doesn’t follow the state’s Municipal Home Rule Law as to how redistricting should be done.

Farfaglia did not vote for the plan when the committee voted on it last month.

Farfaglia said the plan does contain districts that are all close in population, but the plan cuts too many towns into pieces in order to achieve the similar populations. He said this is a violation of Municipal Home Rule Law. He also said inmates should have been counted in populations, but were not in the original plan. POST

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