Sunday, November 4, 2012

Va. voter fraud investigation expands to GOP operation

The investigation into voter registration fraud in Virginia has expanded beyond Colin Small, the former employee of a GOP-hired firm called Strategic Allied Consulting, according to The Washington Post.

Sources have told the Post that the investigation is now looking at whether Small’s supervisors instructed him or his colleagues to inquire about the political leanings of potential voters during registration drives, which is illegal in the state.

Small’s former employer is Nathan Sproul, owner of Strategic Allied Consulting and a slew of similar political consulting companies that have been investigated for fraud intended to illegally suppress Democratic voters.

That wasn’t enough to stop Mitt Romney’s campaign, Karl Rove, or the Republican party from hiring Sproul’s companies to do work for them.

On Monday, the day before most Americans will exercise their right to vote, Small will appear in court to respond to charges that he intentionally tried to stop some Virginians from being able to cast their ballots.

Small was arrested after a store manager in Harrisonburg, Va., saw a man drive up and toss a bag into a reycling been. When that store manager discovered voter registration forms inside the bag, he called the police and told them he thought he recognized the car as one he’d seen parked outside the Rockingham County Republican Party headquarters. Small faces eight felony charges of election fraud.  POST

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