Monday, November 26, 2012

State Senate Dems To Rogue Members: Consider The Future

As control of the state Senate hangs in the balance, Democrats have a message for five rogue members of their conference they are hoping to coax back into the fold: consider the future.

New York is getting bluer, they argue. “While it may seem like a clever short-term play (to cozy up to the GOP), it’s like jumping on the Titanic before it hits the iceberg,” one Democratic insider said.

Even if the GOP still holds its slim majority once the newly elected Legislature is seated in January, Dems point out, the enrollment advantage will favor Democrats in 49 of the 63 state senate districts.

And though Republicans have ruled Albany’s upper house for four decades except for a brief interlude in 2009-2010, Democrats note that they have picked up senate seats in five of the last six election cycles.

Two state Senate races this year have yet to be decided. Democrats have a one-seat edge, not counting those contests, both of which are upstate.

But Brooklyn Democratic Senator-elect Simcha Felder complicated the picture by announcing shortly after Election Day that he’ll sit with the GOP next year.

There are also four other Senate Dems who broke away two years ago to form their own independent caucus. They have not said which faction they will support, only that they expect to remain a permanent third conference. POST

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