Thursday, November 29, 2012

Legislator Linda Lockwood seeks chairmanship

Oswego County Legislator Linda Lockwood has sent a letter to her colleagues, expressing her interest in becoming the legislature chairman next year.

In a letter dated Nov. 20, Lockwood wrote, “I have served as a legislator for the past five years. Prior to joining you on the legislature, I served as a town councilor for 12 years. I have seen the ups and downs of government and experienced many different leadership techniques. It is these experiences that have led me to write to you today. With this letter I respectfully express to you my intent to run for Chair of the Oswego County Legislature.”

Current chairman Fred Beardsley said he is running as well. He said Lockwood’s challenge is a part of the system that takes place to select leadership.

The 20-member Republican majority selects the chairman, generally at a GOP meeting held in mid-December. In past years, the five member minority caucus has had little influence over the chairmanship. This year, however, could be different.

The Republican caucus has been said to be divided this year, with not all legislators rank and file with Beardsley, although it appears he holds a slim majority. That could result in the Democrat legislators choosing the next chairmanPOST

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