Friday, October 5, 2012

Ruling Friday morning on Oswego County Clerk election

A decision will be issued Friday morning on whether Michael Backus and Phillip Vasho will be placed on the ballot for Oswego County clerk for November‘s election.

Four lawyers appeared before state Supreme Court Justice James McCarthy Thursday afternoon arguing for and against the nominations of Backus and Vasho.

Former Oswego County legislator James McMahon, of Central Square, filed a petition stating the election for county clerk cannot be held before November 2013.

The petition states that since the county clerk vacancy occurred less than three months before the Nov. 6 general election, it cannot be on the ballot until November 2013.

Former County Clerk George Williams died Sept. 3. Backus and Vasho were nominated by the Republican and Democratic county committees, respectively, Sept. 18.

Lawyer Scott DelConte, representing McMahon, told McCarthy “there is no ambiguity” in County Law 400, which states a vacancy occurring less than three months before an election must wait until the general election of the following year to be on the ballot.

“Respondents want you to ignore that,” he told the judge.  Full Post

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