Friday, October 5, 2012

Romney debate fact-check ...ROMNEY mostly LIED!!!

Romney: Obama is "cutting $716 billion" from MedicareThe verdict: "Half-True"What's true is the number — ObamaCare reduces the growth of Medicare spending by $716 billion over 10 years, primarily in what's paid to hospitals and insurers, says PolitiFact. But Romney "gives the impression that the law takes money already allocated to Medicare away from current recipients," and that's not true. In fact, "Medicare money isn't being taken away," period, adds And the slower growth, if successful, will actually keep the depleting Medicare trust fund solvent for eight years longer.

Romney: Obama "doubled the deficit"The verdict: "Not true"When Obama took office in January 2009, the Congressional Budget Office had already estimated that the federal deficit in fiscal 2009 (ending in September) would be $1.2 trillion, says Jackie Calmes at The New York Times. It ended up being $1.4 trillion. For fiscal 2012, the deficit was $1.1 trillion lower than when he took office. And "measured as a share of the economy, as economists prefer, the deficit has declined more significantly — from 10.1 percent of the economy's total output in 2009 to 7.3 percent for 2012."

Romney: ObamaCare creates "an unelected board that's going to tell people what kind of treatments they can have"The verdict: "Mostly False"This is "one of the biggest whoppers of the night," says National Journal, a line Republicans "regularly and inaccurately" used when they warned that ObamaCare would create a "death panel." In fact, the Medicare board created by ObamaCare is "explicitly restricted from directly cutting Medicare benefits." Its charge is to keep overall spending within a specific target. He doesn't explicitly accuse the board of rationing, says PolitiFact, "but Romney's claim can leave viewers with the impression that the board makes health-care decisions for individual Americans, and that's not the case."

Obama: Romney wants to turn Medicare into a "voucher system"The verdict: "Mostly True"
The idea behind turning Medicare into a "premium support" system is that seniors would get a fixed amount to spend on health care, says PolitiFact. So "generally, we think 'voucher program' is a fair way of describing to voters the vision for Medicare under a Romney-Ryan administration." Where Obama's claim is "misleading," says, is that it "ignores the plain fact that Obama supports other, popular health-care programs that work the same way," including one created by ObamaCare for under-65 beneficiaries.

Romney: Six studies prove that Obama's charge about him raising taxes is "completely wrong"The verdict: "Mostly False"The "studies" Romney cites include two Wall Street Journal editorials, an article in the same paper by one of his own economic advisers, and two analyses by conservative think tanks. And even those studies, says Glenn Kessler at The Washington Post, "do not provide much evidence that Romney's proposal — as sketchy as it is — would be revenue neutral without making unrealistic assumptions."

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