Saturday, October 13, 2012

Democrats irked over redistricting

The Oswego County Legislature’s minority caucus is not pleased with the proposed legislative restricting plan that sharply divides some town.

“My district looks like a dragon’s tail,” Legislator Doug Malone, who represents the Town of Oswego, said Wednesday.

Under the proposed plan, the town will be represented by five legislators.

Cost is also a factor that has the ire of Democrats. The Board of Elections will need to have one voting district in the new district proposed for the City of Oswego’s legislative district 16, which will serve 38 registered voters, the Democrats said.

The college district will be split under the new plan, creating two voting districts for approximately 100 voters.

“We are trying to cut the budget by $3 million to avoid a property tax increase and here we go adding to the budget,” Minority Leader Mike Kunzwiler said.

Each new district will require a location, personnel and ballots, all at an additional cost.

Legislator Jake Mulcahey’s legislative district 16 has been changed and he has lost a large portion of a heavily populated Republican area — one he carried in the last election.

Legislator Dan Farfaglia, who represents the City of Fulton and under the proposed plan will sprawl into the Town of Oswego, offered a plan that he worked on himself.

The redistricting committee, comprised of only one Democrat, refused to entertain Farfaglia’s proposal.


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