Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Senator Patty Ritchie's Majority Leader denies request to release cost of recent mailings

Oswego County mailboxes have been flooded with flyers from New York State Senator Patty Ritchie, all taxpayer funded, however, the state will not release the cost of each mailing nor the targeted mailing list.

Some residents in the town and Village of Hannibal said they recently received a flyer from Senator Ritchie announcing the “Women of Distinction” display through July 19 at the Hannibal Free Library.

The flyer also promoted the library’s summer reading program. Not everyone in the Hannibal zip code received the flyer; several registered Democrats said it never arrived in their mailboxes.

A request was made under the Freedom of Information Law, for the cost of producing the flyer, the mailing cost, and the mailing list. The request was denied. “Please be advised that the information you request is not subject to disclosure pursuant to the provisions of the Rules of the Temporary President,” was the response from Francis W. Patience, secretary of the Senate.

The temporary president (majority leader) is Senator Dean Skelos.

When asked why not all residents in the town and village of Hannibal received the mailing, Ritchie’s press spokesperson Sarah Compo said the flyer was sent out to target those who may be interested in the events going on at the library to save on mailing costs.  POST

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