Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Senator Patty Ritchie ranks in the top of spending in the New York Senate

New York State Senator Patty Ritchie ranks 26th in spending, according to the most recent senate expenditure report covering the time period April 1, 2011 through Sept. 30, 2011.
Ritchie’s expenses totaled $322,211, according to her expense report, with Senator Roy McDonald taking the 25th spot with total expenses of $322,403.

There are 62 state senators, with each entitled to a generous expense account.

Ritchie’s member travel expenses for the six month period include payments for May, June and July 2011 in the amounts of $1,375.60, $1,637.20, $1,540.80, $326.20, $648.60, $813.60, $487.40, $648.60, $933.60 and $937.40 for a total of $9,349.

The freshman lawmaker had 17 employees, who in a six month period earned a total of $255,374. The staff salary expenses include Graham Wise, Chief of Staff, who earned $30,575; Stephanie Andrews, legislative aide/constituent special, who earned $7,668.50; Holly Carpenter, Director of Community Relations for the Oswego office earned $21,198.76; Jennifer Dindl-Neff who serves as special projects coordinator, earned $6,727.00; Diane M. Doyle, office manager/constituent representative, earned $14,312.47; Bonnie J. Fikes, legislative aide, earned $7,112; Patricia Holst, constituent liaison, earned $7,112.00; Theodore Kusnierz, director of agriculture committee, who earned $29,134.70; Patricia McMurray, executive assistant, who earned $20,446.16 and Sheila O’Sullivan, counsel, who earned $20,446.16.

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