Sunday, August 12, 2012

Pre-meeting e-mail irks Democrats..Was it Legal ?

An e-mail, sent to Republican members of the Oswego County Legislature on the eve of a controversial vote has stirred the ire of the Democrat’s.

As the legislature was considering the award of a contract to Info Quick Solutions, Inc. of Liverpool to provide data imaging services to the office of the County Clerk, GOP legislator’s received a message from Legislature Clerk Wendy Falls on Wednesday.

“If anyone has any critical concerns in regard to the IQS resolution that will be presented to the legislature tomorrow please contact Majority Leader John Proud… or Majority Whip Linda Lockwood… .” The telephone numbers were included in the message.

When asked if the message was intended to poll legislators, Lockwood said “Not really, we’re just getting the feel of the crowd,” she said. When asked if that wasn’t essentially polling, Lockwood said no one was telling the legislators how to vote.

Legislator Doug Malone said in his opinion, the message sounded like polling, something that is not legal under state law.

“If they have critical questions why wouldn’t they be answered by the county attorney or county administrator,” he said. County Administrator Phil Church handled the RFP process autonomously.

Legislators had no involvement, and purchasing director Fred Maxon had limited involvement.
As for the message coming from Falls, Malone said, “She works for all of us and we are just as equal as they (Republicans) are.”

Malone added that he does not understand the hard push by the GOP to award the contract to IQS, the company that submitted among the highest cost and had the lowest review score.

“They are doing more to give this contract to IQS than they did to get rid of Don Morey,” he said. Morey was the previous county highway superintendent who was publicly terminated in 2006 despite large public support.  POST

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