Sunday, August 5, 2012

Minority leader: ‘Taxpayers lose’ with clerk contract

When the Oswego County Legislature meets Aug. 9, the Republican majority is expected to pass a contract for data imaging services that will be more costly to taxpayers.

“It’s a joke,” Minority Leader Mike Kunzwiler said.

He and the other four members of the Democrat caucus will not support the recommended vendor, Kunzwiler noted.

In what some legislators said is expected to be a controversial meeting, it is expected the contract will be approved despite opposition.

Last week, Republican members of the legislature’s Community and Consumer Affairs Committee voted to recommend Info Quick Solutions, Inc. (IQS) of Liverpool receive the contract, based on a recommendation from County Clerk George Williams.

A panel was named to perform a blind review of the proposals and rate each one using a scoring system.
IQS was given the lowest score of the five companies vying for the contract.

IQS was given an overall score of 457.25 while Property Info Corp. had the highest score at 649 followed by ACS Systems with a score of 618.25. IMR received a score of 561.25 and New Vision was scored at 516.25.

Each vendor was given four pricing options. Option four, which would require county-owned hardware, had IQS with the second highest pricing. IQS submitted a proposal for $13,543.  Post


Anonymous said...

This whole thing is a joke and I'm glad the Dems won't support this company.

Anonymous said...

It is a joke and I'm glad the Dems won't support this company. How can legislators complain about state mandates when they throw money away like this.