Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Amy Tressider Supports Minimum Wage Increase...

Longtime resident of Oswego County. Tresidder understands North Country living. As the November 6th Election Day approaches it's clear that NY Senate District 48 faces two distinct choices. Senator Ritchie offers a continuation of cuts to municipal services and education- at all levels. Those cuts are only made worse when she fails to understand the hardships middle class families face as she opposes an increase to the minimum wage and the power of home rule.
Tresidder believes an increase to minimum wage in NY is important. Recent studies on the economics of Oswego County show that the fastest-growing employment opportunity for the Oswego area is in the service industry. Tresidder knows the difficulty faced by those earning the minimum wage to afford housing, clothing, food, heating and transportation. At an average of $3.69 per gallon, the cost to fill a 15-gallon gas tank is $55.35. A minimum-wage employee, based on an eight-hour workday, would earn $58 per day, leaving a mere $2.65 for other expenses. Tresidder knows that while statistics do not tell a personal story, your friends and neighbors do, and she’s dedicated to listening with an open mind and heart to the concerns of the residents living in the 48th Senate District.
As a member of the Oswego County Legislature, Tresidder works hard to protect the interests of the residents. She consistently votes against spending that she believes is unnecessary or not proven to be cost-effective. She has worked hard to reduce the size of the county legislature and has shown that her priorities are solidly with her constituency.

If elected to the senate, Tresidder will continue to work for the citizens of the 48th District and will address their needs and concerns with the same devotion she has given to the residents of Oswego County.

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