Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Buerkle Target Of Enviro Campaign

Rep. Ann Marie Buerkle is one of five House members across the country are who are the subject of a $1.5 million campaign being waged by the The League of Conservation Voters.

Buerkle, who has laid out a conservative agenda and voting record since in her first term, has been named to the program today, which the group dubbed the “Flat Earth Five.”
“We can’t expect Congress to address climate change when some members of the House of Representatives refuse to admit it even exists. We need to defeat climate deniers like Ann Marie Buerkle and Dan Benishek to restore the place of science on Capitol Hill,” said Gene Karpinski, President of the League of Conservation Voters.
In particular, the group takes issue with Buerkle saying “the jury is still out” on climate change, despite scientific evidence to the contrary.

The campaign will come in the form of TV advertising, direct mail and what the group calls “an extensive” phone-call program in order to reach voters on the issue.

Buerkle is in one of perhaps a half dozen truly competitive House races across New York, with many in the upstate area this year. She faces former Rep. Dan Maffei in a rematch from 2010. LINK

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