Thursday, June 28, 2012

Oswego County legislators review new code of ethics

Members of the Oswego County Legislature’s Strategic Planning and Government Committee got a first look at a new draft code of ethics for county employees and elected officials.

During Monday’s meeting, the draft policy was handed out and legislators were asked to review it for later discussion.

The state recently made major changes to the law and local municipalities may add to, but cannot subtract from, the state laws.

The draft policy addresses disclosure of interests in legislation and other matters, the prohibition on use of a municipal position for personal or private gain, recusal and abstention, private employment in conflict with official duties, future employment, use of municipal resources, interests in contracts, nepotism, political solicitations and activity, confidential information and gifts.

The draft policy keeps the number of ethics board members at three, something some legislators oppose. Minority Leader Mike Kunzwiler, as well as other committee members, have suggested that the number of board members be increased to five or seven. Many counties in the state have more than three board members.


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