Thursday, June 21, 2012

Maffei Calls for Congresswoman Buerkle to Prioritize Lower Taxes on the Middle Class

On the 11th anniversary of the signing of the Bush Tax Cuts, Congressional candidate Dan Maffei called on Congresswoman Buerkle to lower taxes on the middle class, not protect tax breaks for billionaires and oil companies, and questioned her decision to prioritize the Bush Tax Cuts for the wealthy over middle class tax relief.

“It is very disappointing that Congresswoman Buerkle believes it’s more important to extend the Bush Tax Cuts for billionaires than to save the average working family in New York $1000 a year.  I strongly urge the Congresswoman to support middle class tax relief, and make it a higher priority than protecting tax breaks for big oil companies and the very wealthiest Americans.”


Congresswoman Buerkle voted against extending the Payroll Tax cut because it was not paid for.  [, Vote 72, accessed June 7, 2012,, accessed June 7, 2012]

Congresswoman Buerkle supports extending the Bush Tax Cuts without them being paid for.  [The Hill, accessed June 7, 2012]

Congresswoman Buerkle voted to protect oil company subsidies. Rep. Buerkle voted against eliminating various tax subsidies for large oil companies. [, Vote 153 accessed June 7, 2012]


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