Friday, June 8, 2012

Health and Human Services Committee Chairman Stifles Debate

The Oswego County Legislature’s Health and Human Services Committee meetings run long and some legislators have been asking for a remedy.

During Thursday’s meeting of the Strategic Planning Committee, the issue was expected to be on the agenda. The minutes of the April 23 meeting reference that Legislator Doug Malone requested the matter be placed on the May agenda.

It wasn’t, and prior to the start of the meeting, Malone questioned why the discussion wasn’t on the agenda.

“He cut us off on discussion,” Malone said of Legislator Jack Proud, who serves as the chairman of the Health and Human Services Committee, adding that he had questions in regard to the discussion of homeless people in the county.

Legislator Milferd Potter, who serves as the chairman of the Strategic Planning and Government Committee, acknowledged that Malone did ask for the issue to be placed on the agenda.

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