Monday, May 7, 2012

Obama Spokeswoman Says Romney Response to ‘Treason’ Comment Proves He Won’t ‘Stand Up to Hateful and Over-The-Line Rhetoric’

President Obama’s campaign spokeswoman, Lis Smith, sent out an outraged response after the president was blasted by a woman who said he should be “tried for treason” and a local politician made a speech slamming him for taking vacations at Mitt Romney’s town hall event in Euclid, Ohio.

“Today we saw Mitt Romney’s version of leadership: standing by silently as his chief surrogate attacked the President’s family at the event and another supporter alleged that the President should be tried for treason,” Ms. Smith said. “Time after time in this campaign, Mitt Romney has had the opportunity to show that he has the fortitude to stand up to hateful and over-the-line rhetoric and time after time, he has failed to do so. If this is the ‘leadership’ he has shown on the campaign trail, what can the American people expect of him as commander-in-chief?”

The “treason” comment was made by a female supporter during a question and answer session.

“We have a president right now that is operating outside the structure of our Constitution,” the woman said. “I do agree he should be tried for treason, but I want to know what you’re going to be able to do to help restore balance between the three branches of government and what you’re going to be able to do to restore our constituion in this country.”

In his answer to the woman, Mr. Romney didn’t specifically address the issue of whether President Obama could be tried as a traitor.


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